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 New BuilderBot Commands + download link

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PostSubject: New BuilderBot Commands + download link   Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:37 pm

Here's the bot with my modifications.

The bot keeps all previous features of both bot2 and bot2_1, except I didn't yet make the saving and loading of points feature of bot2_1 work with all new commands (maybe I'll do it if people really want it).


- Server owners can avoid this version of the bot on their server. The bot will not enter the server, if it has "-bot" in the title or the motd.

- The speed of the bot is as in verison 1, but with some changes that should cause less lag. It could be made a bit faster, but I opted to make it stable and not lag up the server instead.

- Permanently on silent mode, just because I'm tired of bots spamming the chat because of people not knowing how to silence it. Bot will still give error messages as before. Besides that people can read the instructions and watch the console to see what's going on.

- Bot will now prompt for a name and create a users.txt if it doesn't already exist. This was added because I've seen too many people that for some reason are not capable of creating the file correctly themselves.

- Cleaned the console output a bit, so it's easier to see what's going on.

- Erase now goes downwards instead of upwards, so it can be used to remove sand/gravel.

- Fixed problem where bot gets kicked for distance when building close to corner (0,0,0).

- Changed bot position, so instead of being at corner of a block, it is now at the center. Also it should stay above floor and below clouds now.

- Bot now removes the mushrooms before building, so they are not in the way.

New commands just for fun:

- nod - bot nods

- spin - bot spins

- roll - bot rolls head.

- stare - bot stares at whoever is closest

- physics - some simple physics is applied. The bot can be pushed and can fall. Not accurate. It also stares.

Only one of nod,spin,roll,stare,physics are active at a time. If nod is on and roll command is given, nod is turned off. They can also be turned off by just giving the same command again.

- come - Place a mushroom and the bot comes to that place.

- comehere - bot comes to your position

- turn - Bot turns the number of degrees you specify.

New building commands and stuff:

- cuboid (and some other commands) now takes some parameters: "hollow" will make a hollow cuboid. "walls" makes walls. "up" just builds in a different direction.
Example: "Cuboid red hollow"

- settype - set type of block to be used when no type is specified.
Example: After typing "settype red", you can do "cuboid" will make a red cuboid. "cuboid hollow" will make a red hollow cuboid. "cuboid blue" will still make a blue cuboid.

- pick - Place a mushroom on top of the block to pick that type. The bot will say what type of block it is, plus it's saves as settype.

- New blocktypes - rainbow, rainbowx, rainbowy, rainbowz, rainbowc, greyscale, greyscalex, greyscaley, greyscalez, greyscalec. Just try them out and see the difference. Not all functions accept these types.
Example: "cuboid rainbow"

- New blocktype "sandandgravel" for erase that will erase both sand and gravel in one go.
Example: "erase sandandgravel"

- pyramid - Specify two corners with mushrooms. If not at same heigh, height of first mushrooms is used for starting point. Hollow by default.
Optional parameters: "solid"

- maze - Generates a maze. Specify corners with two mushrooms, like with cuboid.
Optional parameters: "walk" - draws maze in the order it was generated. "invert" - Draws the path instead of the walls. Can be used for carving a maze out of a something if air/blank is used.

- sphere - Place two mushrooms in the corners. It will always be a sphere. If the selected area is not cubic, it will be the largest sphere that can fit inside the selected area, aligned towards the first point chosen. Hollow by default.
Optional parameters: "solid"

- sphere2 - Takes two mushrooms. First will definde the center. Second will define the radius (distance from first to second). Hollow by default.
Optional parameters: "solid"

- dome - Takes two mushrooms, that must both be at the same heigh, specifying the corners of the bottom of the dome.

- dome2 - Takes two mushrooms. First will definde the center. Second will define the radius (distance from first to second).

- cylinder - Takes 3 mushrooms. First two are the corners of a circle, and must be on the same plane. Third defines the length and direction of the cylinder. Solid by default.
Optional parameters: "hollow", "walls"

- cylinder2 - Takes 3 mushrooms. First define the center. Second the radius. Third the length and diretion. Doesn't need to be set exactly along an axis. The nearest fit will be used. Solid by default.
Optional parameters: "hollow", "walls"

- circle - Takes 2 mushrooms that define the corners of the circle. Must be on same plane.
Optional parameters: "solid"

- circle2 - Takes 3 mushrooms. First for center. Second for radius. Third to define the plane. All three points must be on same plane and not on a line.
Optional parameters: "solid"

- stairs - makes stairs. Defined with 2 mushrooms like with a cuboid. Always starts at the first point chosen.
Optional parameters: "other" - Goes in other direction (clockwise/anticlockwise)

There could be bugs in some commands, since I haven't had time to test it that thoroughly. If so, let me know, and please state exactly what command, type, parameters, etc. was used.

Here's the download link:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

*Place bot3.exe in the same folder that bot2.exe is on and run bot3.exe!*

This is a rar file that contains only the executable bot3.exe. It requires all files that come with the old version, so just put bot3.exe in the same folder.

I don't think there are new dependencies from the code I added. If it doesn't work on your computer, I don't know how to help you. Here are the binary dependencies as listed by the compiler: OLEAUT32.dll, USER32.dll, SHELL32.dll, ole32.dll, WSOCK32.dll, ADVAPI32.dll, WS2_32.dll, KERNEL32.dll[b]
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New BuilderBot Commands + download link
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